Samuel Finlayson
Sam Finlayson

MD-PhD Candidate
Harvard Medical School, MIT

I am an incoming medical resident in Pediatrics and Clinical Genetics (combined program) at Seattle Children's Hospital and the University of Washington. Recently, I completed my medical degree in the Harvard-MIT HST program, and my PhD under the direction of Isaac Kohane (Harvard DBMI) and Peter Szolovits (MIT CSAIL).

My clinical interests are in the diagnosis and treatment of rare pediatric diseases. My research background is primarily in biomedical applications of machine learning. Recurring technical themes include designing systems that integrate different types of data (omics, chemical structures, imaging, clinical text, insurance claims, etc.), and trying to rigorously determine the circumstances under which machine learning systems can be clinically trusted.

In addition to my research, I am involved in the Hydrocephalus community by way of Team Hydro, a non-profit organization that my family and I started to raise money and awareness for the condition in honor of my sister, Kate. I also do consulting work as a data scientist and deep learning engineer, with clients including tech, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies.

For a more formal account of my academic work, see my Curriculum Vitae or Google Scholar.

2026 (Anticipated)
Seattle Children's Hospital
University of Washington
Medical Resident: Pediatrics and Clinical Genetics
Combined Training Program
Harvard Medical School, MIT
MD, HST Program
MSTP Fellowship
Harvard, MIT
PhD, Quantitative Biology
Advisors: Isaac Kohane (HMS DBMI) and Peter Szolovits (MIT CSAIL)
Stanford University
MS, Biomedical Informatics
Research Mentor: Nigam Shah
Stanford University
BA, Human Biology - Biocomputation
Research Mentor: Daniel Rubin

Selected Research

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